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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we begin in oakland tonight. occupy protesters took to the streets by the hundreds today, and they were met by police who firedtary gas and flash bang grenades into the ground. those protesters are on the move again now. hello, stephanie. >> reporter: hi, diane. very different picture than when you left last check-in on us. they've gone on a protest to the police station in a protest of police brutality. it wasn't supposed to happen for another hour, but one protester said they wanted to throw police off. a couple blocks from here things got very heated very quickly. >> you have one minute to leave! if you do not do so, you may be arrested. >> reporter: lines of police officers armed in riot gear
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launched that tear gas into the crowd. one lone man also approached police, his hands in the air. when officers decided to take him down. he was cuffed and taken away with another protester. the plan was to take over the henry j. kaiser convention center, a vacant building for years. we caught one man opening one of the fences. another tried to cover our camera lens. but the groups of people trying to break down those fences, so police threw smoke bombs to keep them out. there were reports earlier that police shot rubber bullets at protesters, but police do not have rubber bullets. they did shoot bean bags, though. protesters threw tear gas and smoke bombs back at the officers and also used rocks and metal pipes against them. at last check there were 19 arrests made by police. again, the protesters are on their way to the police station. they may already be there. and the plan is after that march to move to the next vacant
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building target. live in oakland, stephanie huang, nbc news. they came together to voice their opposition to an immigration law that they say ended up destroying families. the debate brought together immigrants and community and church leaders. kim berry tere has that story. >> reporter: met with the ar archbishop of san francisco to speak out against the federal secure community's immigration program. under this program the fingerprints of anyone arrestrd sent to immigrations and customs enforcement who have the ability to issue detainer requests and then start the deportation process for anyone found to be here illegally. california has had more deportations than any other state through this program. critics say the program devastates families by deporting
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people with no criminal history. they also say it is a drain to local resources. he says he wants to see the program modified and has written a bill to see that that happens in california. >> the i.c.e. program has overstepped its bound. we need our governor, our attorney general, to step up to the plate here. i think that this is a keystone piece of legislation. i believe it's the first in the nation. and it's my honor to carry it. and we do have support in sacramento, but we are going to need that signature from the governor. >> reporter: today hundreds packed st. mary's cathedral in part a gathering to oppose the program. they want to see legislation passed, but that's just the beginning. they're calling for comprehensive reform of the immigration system. he'll introduce the bill to the legislature at the end of next month, in february.
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live in san francisco, kimberly tere. >> thanks for the update. we have breaking news sacramento. an accident happened around an hour ago at 26th avenue in south sacramento. the light rail train hit a small sport utility vehicle at the crossing. six people were taken to the hospital for serious injuries ana dozen for minor injuries. investigators are on the scene trying to determine the cause of the accident. we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it. in oakland, police are investigating the suspicious killing of a man and a woman last night. police say they found the bodies of the two victims inside a car at about 9:30 last night. the car was parked in front of their home on apple avenue on lake merritt. they were a longtime couple who had just moved into the neighborhood. police went to the home to check on the couple after co-workers reported the two did not show up for work.
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one person of interest has been detained in this case. >> officers did discover some unusual circumstances regarding this vehicle. i can't go into these particular details because of the investigation. again, the investigation is still very new and developing, and because we have a person of interest, we don't want to go into too many details of what officers did discover at the scene. >> the victims are robert kamen who worked as a clinical psychologist at the county jail and susan pop who worked as an assistant at the department of public health. police are not saying how the two were killed or what motive could have led to their death. the colleagues of vallejo police officer gathered today to celebrate his life with a walk to vacaville. he was fatally shot while chasing a robbery suspect on
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foot last september. fellow officers and his family walked today together to raise money and to say they're beyond anger and want to make sure he's remembered in a positive way thncht is exactly the kind of thing he would want to be going on right now. he'd have everyone out here and we'd all be charging and walking. this is him. we all met at home depot. his favorite place ever. we walked from home depot to vacaville. it will be a good day. >> all proceeds from the work will benefit the widow and three daughters. the florida primary's just days away on tuesday and polls show mitt romney pulling ahead of newt gingrich. gingrich said he won't be quitting until convention time if at all. both plan to come out swinging. >> speaker gingrich said he didn't do so well because the audience was so loud. he said he didn't do so well because the audience was too quiet. like goldilocks. has to have it just right.
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>> i'm very proud to run on a reagan/gingrich record and say i want to be the best job creation paycheck president in american history. >> rick santorum, by the way, went home to pennsylvania this weekend. he says he'll be filing his taxes. ron paul is not on the ballot in florida. he's already moved on to maine. and still ahead at 6:00, as the lawsuits against carnival start rolling, salvage crews hit another snag. more on the ship disaster there. plus taking recycling a step further. is green clean and catching on? we'll show you the local art project headed to amsterdam.
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it's been more than two weeks since that italian cruise ship ran aground off the coast of tuscany. weather is forcing crews to suspend work. but we're seeing some of the first video from under water. michelle kosinski has the latest from italy. >> reporter: here at the bottom are the crushed edges of the "concordia." the toughest to reach, if at all, and on the reef itself, a most unnatural view of mattress, furniture, everything that was ejected out with the occasional
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stark reminder of the humanity on board. divers tried to reach more than a hundred cabins each day, prying them open, going through that jumble one by one. but the victims remain hidden. wrenching for the families waiting these two weeks. missing americans barbara and jerry heils website say needle in a haystack seems like an appropriate comparison. but a second task needs to happen at the same time. drilling into the ship's 17 tanks, heating them, pumping fuel out and seawater in to keep the massive wreck stable. >> there might be some difficulties, but these are workable. the only problem we can have is a rough sea and marine conditions which could be against us, but that's part of the game. >> reporter: another face away from here has also begun. costa cruises has announced a
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compensation plan for passengers not hurt of around $15,000 each plus travel and trip expenses. some have already rejected it. a lawsuit filed in miami by six passengers alleging, among other things, gross negligence and seeking $450 million of punitive damages against parent carnival and others. back to you. coming up injured giants fan brian stow gets help from the lunatic fringe. it's a very cool bay area band, you see right there. i think it's awesome, the robots and all of us getting together competing for fun. >> we'll show you some highlights of today's robot battle between teens of bay area students. you might have thought the weather around the bay area was pretty epic. we had highs as warm as the 70s. right now still 50s and 60s outside. radar looking dry, but we have changes off shore that may bring a chance of showers by the end of the weekend.
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brian stow, the giants fan who is still recovering from the serious injuries he received on opening day will get a much needed financial boost tonight courtesy of a member of the giants staff. third base coach tim flannery and his folk rock band the lunatic fringe will play a benefit concert in honor of stow. there he is playing the guitar at the microphone. the concert is at 8:00 p.m. at the uptown theater in napa. tickets are $55 for the concert, $100 for the vip reception. tickets are still available at the box office if you're interested. most of us are used to the
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idea of bringing our own bags to the grocery store. but are you ready to bring your own detergent container for a refill. the latest rage in green clean. >> reporter: she's pumped about the next phase of recycling. reusing. >> you can use this bottle over and over. >> cool. >> reporter: she spends her days at green 11 in san francisco refilling empty containers with nontoxic products. >> we sell hand soaps, dish soaps, cleaning products. >> reporter: the motto is refill, not landfill. >> shampoos and you maybe use it for a month, then you throw it away and buy it again. this idea, you can bring in any container and just use that old container to buy the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: customer wendy becktold says buying bulk is old school but the refill habit is new. >> i have two different bottles. so when one gets low, i bring it in here.
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and they weigh it. so if there's a little bit less, that's all right. >> reporter: products are sold by the ounce. the idea is catching on and some bay area shoppers are being forced to plan for shopping trips. in san jose, if you don't bring bags, you have to pay for them. alameda county and san francisco are in line to implement the same rule. it's an adjustment anyone can make. >> we're losing a lot by our overreliance of plastic products in general. so i think, you know, it's really not that hard to take a few small steps and change my habits. >> reporter: green 11 is working to reduce its footprint, too. >> anything here that gets emptied out, we go back to a distribution center and we refill it. >> reporter: and your receipt? >> that will be sitting in your inbox as soon as you get home. >> reporter: e-mailed. a bay area artist is taking the show on the road. meet karen, a 34-foot-tall kinetic sculpture made of
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skepttons. this is youtube video of it in action. it was created on treasure island for burning man, but now it's on its way to amsterdam for the robo-dot festival. today it creator and crew were getting the sculpture ready for the trip. >> building it, making sure we're going to make modifications to it, weatherize some parts to it. make it more road worthy. >> reporter: it is powered by a crew of 12 working together to make the sculpture come to life. in greek mythology, kirks, rin was the ferryman who transported souls across the river that divided the living from the afterlife. it's a little creepy, but it's really cool. what's going on, rob? >> with a forecast like the, maybe it doesn't look like kirin taking you across the abyss there. how about 73 degrees today in santa cruz? keep in mind this time of year we should see highs in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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san jose down to south san jose and gilroy, 67 degrees. 73 in santa cruz and even up to the north bay, mid-60s. 64 in san francisco. right now temperatures starting to cool off a bit. 50s and low 60s. this is where our high temperature should be. pretty nice evening outside, not much wind out there. still a bit of an offshore breeze. this should turn on shore tomorrow and bring cooling to the coast. pleasant evening, 60s and 70s. then we'll see 40s, clear dry air in most places. cool start, then increasing clouds heading into tomorrow afternoon. hair quality back in the moderate range. pressure re-establishes itself in the bay area for the middle part of the week. look at the cedar pollen. it is way up there. as the trees kind of start to feel more like it's spring outside. you may see those pollen counts starting to creep on up there in
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your allergy forecast. around the bay area, dry. same story up around the seer ra. here tomorrow you'll probably see showers north of mendocino county. but high pressure really kind of holding its ground. we're not expecting much out of that system. a few clouds for the afternoon. a little bit of a cooldown for the coast, but if you are looking for rain, really not much of it. earl monday morning maybe a few sprinkles out there. but as we try to quantify how much rain is coming out of this, in the rain gauge perspective, not a whole lot. just enough maybe to wet the ground in a few spots come monday morning in north bay. 30s and 40s. you'll see those numbers mid to upper 60s south down towards gilroy. now some cooling tomorrow for the coast and the peninsula, upper 50s to low 60s. over towards san francisco, your three-day forecast will bring in a slight chance of showers for the north bay early on monday.
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that's it. we'll get partly cloudy skies, then look at those temperatures rebounding again thursday and friday much like we saw today. looks like a slight taste of offshore winds which means dry conditions and below normal rain and snowfall, unfortunately, heading into february. >> we need a little bit of snow. >> yes, we do. we want to bring you some breaking news to show you these live picture from the air of the occupy oakland march. here are these pictures. the protesters left city hall. pictures we saw earlier showed 20 to maybe 50 people. but right now we're seeing probably broadway, and we see the protesters marching there. they're blocking traffic and there's maybe what, 50 to 100, maybe protesters out on the streets. there's also a bunch of police officers keeping track of them.
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we're told they're headed to the police department. it looks like they're headed in that direction as far as we can tell from these pictures from the air. we'll bring you more information about this march and anything going on there as soon as we get it. but right now we'll take a break and be back. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online.
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treasure island was the site of an interesting competition today. a robot war of sorts. the hosting school is made up of kids who are giving education a second chance. its ap called the school for integrated academics and technology and focuses on kids who have dropped out of school and trying to get pack on track. the school is 24 teams competing at this very cool vex robotics tournament. >> you get to see a robot doing stuff that you make it do. controllers, wireless, all kinds of cool stuff. >> that is cool. no word yet on who took home the awards, but some of the students say they would have never dropped out of school if they had a chance to do more of the
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hands-on learning approximately t
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welcome back to nbc bay area. niners rookie aldon smith did just about everything right on the field this season, but he may have made a mistake in the car this morning. the defensive end was arrested on the suspicion of dui in miami beach, florida, this morning. smith will be subjected to a suspension or fine if it is determined he violated the nfl
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conduct policy. the team has released a statement. they say they are aware of the recent matter involving aldon smith. we take these issues very seriously, but we'll reserve further comment at this time because it's an ongoing legal matter. the competition runs deep this season. cal, oregon and washington are tied in first place with a 6-2 conference record. stanford is only a game out of first. bears and cardinal will tip off at 5:30 tomorrow on comcast sports net bay area. other pac-12 action going on, colorado on the road against ucla. bruins undefeated at home during conference play. first half, colorado with a little pick and roll. shane harris. throws it down. to tie the game up at 32. into the first half with the clock running down. ucla's norman powell knocked down the three with five seconds left. bruins led by 4 at halftime.
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jones finds anderson in the corner. he knocked down the three. then late in the half, nate tomlinson launches a three from way beyond the arc. it drops. buffs within 7. bruins pull away. tyler lam to travis ware. bruins get the win, 77-60 is your final. senior bowl in mobile, alabama, north versus south. second quarter, game tied at 3. north in the red zone. that is quarterback russell wilson for wisconsin hitting cal wide receiver marvin jones. marvin jones looks great right there. however, he would injure his ankle later in the game and did not return to action. comes up lame after that incomplete pass. a little bit later here comes the north.
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drive continued. that is a touchdown for you. your final north gets the win, 23-13 is your final. all right. some of the best skaters in the world return to the ice at hp pavilion today. the home of the u.s. figure skating championships. who said you need nice shoes to dance? it's unnecessary. just grab your skates. we had the ice dancing competition today. meryl davis and charlie weis on their way to their second consecutive title. they're one title shy of matching the u.s. record for dance, which is shared by five teams. also nhl all-starses skills competition. logan couture, the loan shark represented. breaking ute the old ottawa 67 jersey from his youth. ducks forward corey perry getting in on some action.
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swaps out the proper stick for a mini version. and makes it. but here's patrick kane, hit it so hard as superman that it broke the puck into pieces. he sawed that thing up before he actually took his stick and hit it real hard. kane wins with 47% of the vote. it was creative, diane. >> it was. thanks a lot, henry. thanks for choosing the bay area. we've got "tech now!." don't forget to follow me on twitter. for breaking news and the movements of occupy oakland protesters. it appears the protesters are storming the ymca which is on broadway in oakland. coming up on "tech now!" -- we take you through the


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